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Thank you for participating in this survey! Your feedback will be used to improve our services at New Hope Midcoast. Your name will never be shared. Your individual answers will be kept anonymous. The overall numbers will be shared with our funders and our community.
To start, pick what program you received services from. Our programs are explained below. If you still aren't sure, you can ask an advocate.
    • Helpline - You called our 1-800 phone number or our local helpline number. If you called that number first, but then talked to us again later, keep reading about our other programs.
    • Domestic Violence-Child Protective Services Liaison - You talked to an advocate about helping you with DHHS Child Protective Services.
    • Individual Advocacy - You worked with an advocate one-on-one outside of calling our helpline. Examples include: at a New Hope office, at the hospital, etc.
    • Court Advocacy - You received help with a Protection from Abuse order, divorce forms, custody forms, other civil matter, a criminal matter, prepared court documents, an advocate went to court with you, etc.
    • Residential Services - You received help with housing or shelter such as staying at a hotel, you live in transitional housing, we helped you to apply for other community housing options, etc.
    • Support/Educational Group - You attended a group run by us like our weekly support group, Healing Through Arts group, a book discussion group etc.

Ext. Quality Assurance Survey

Type of Survey:
I know more ways to plan for my safety:
How could we have helped you better plan for your safety better:
I know more about community resources (resource outcomes):
How could we have helped you know more about community resources:
I know more about the justice/legal process and the options available to me overall:
How could we have helped you know more about the justice/legal process:
My stay at the Safe House was adequate:
How could we have made your stay better:
I had/have a relapse in my safety and prevention plan:
What did you think caused the relapse:
Do you feel safer after contact with the Safe Voices:
What would have made you feel safer:
Do you have any feedback you'd like to share: